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Certificate System source code released

In December of 2004, Red Hat purchased several technologies and products from AOL. The most prominent of those products were the Directory Server and the Certificate System. Since then we opened the source code to the Directory Server (see for all the details). However a number of factors kept the work to release the Certificate System on the back burner. That's about to change.

Today, I'm extremely happy to announce the release of the Certificate System source code to the world.

This isn't a “Lite” or demo version of the technology, but the entire source code repository, the one we use to build the Red Hat branded version of the product. It's the real deal.

Our main wiki page will be here:

If you want to pull and build from source, start here:

If you're just interested in grabbing a pre-built binary, start here:

I invite you to sign up for one or more of the mailing lists:

We also have an IRC channel for people to discuss the Certificate System on The channel is #dogtag-pki. We hope to build an open source community of people interested in moving this project forward.
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