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Facebook privacy

For all the talk of privacy concerns in the industry, here's an example of what's still quite wrong. (Click the image to embiggen it)

Facebook: You need to bleed off all of my personal information so I can listen to a song? Really? Cnet needs to know who my friends are so someone can sell me something? Really?

I can understand Cnet wanting to know my age, gender, and zipcode for something like this. Maybe. So why can't I set that somewhere, like on that page? What right does Cnet have to all that other information? What will they do with it? Today? In 5 years?

The bottom line is: Why isn't Facebook trying to help me more than it helps CNet? I'm reminded of the brilliant rant by Al Pacino from Glengarry Glen Ross about how your job is to help us. Not to, um, hinder us up. Or something like that.

Maybe I should read the Facebook Platform User Terms of Service mentioned in the URL above:

Yeah, right.
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