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Security, Crypto, and Random Topics
Podcast sort order 
25th-Aug-2008 05:04 pm
Dear Lazyweb,

I listen to podcasts.  I like to listen to them in the order in which they are released. I am able to accomplish this goal on iTunes, but not on my iPod or iPhone.  On those devices the sorting order is reversed. See the yellow area.

How do I invert that order so I can listen to the podcasts in the correct order?  And while driving, meaning without having to touch the device.

Some people on the intertubes suggest that you set up a smart playlist, set the sort order in the iTunes UI, and then select the "copy to play order" of that smartlist.  But that's even worse:

All the podcasts are sorted together, by release date (and mis-labeled as "Songs"). The CNet entries are no longer grouped together.  I cannot see which items I've already listened to, can't see the release date, and so on.

This solution is completely unacceptable.

So, dear friends, how do I listen to all my podcasts, grouped by show, in the release order, on my iPhone?  Where is the UI that magically does what I want that I've simply been too blind to see?
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