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Security, Crypto, and Random Topics
SSD hard drives 
5th-Apr-2009 05:45 pm
The prices of solid state hard drives (SSD) are still quite high but some people are starting to see real value in migrating to them. For example, in a recent blog post, Joel Sploky writes:

I did a little bit of benchmarking... don’t take these numbers too seriously since I didn’t run many tests and it’s hard to get everything right. Boot time dropped from 2:11 to 0:34. That’s from a cold boot to launching Firefox and navigating to google.com. Launching 6 major applications went from about 20 seconds to about 10 seconds. In general, the fact that app launching is so much faster makes a huge difference and it was totally worth it. This little laptop is now the fastest computer I’ve ever used.
But... compile time. Hmm. That wasn’t much better. I got it down from 30 seconds to ... 30 seconds.

Our compiler is single threaded, and, I guess, a lot more CPU-bound than IO bound. Oh well. We’ll still probably upgrade all the developer’s desktops with SSD drives, because making everything else snappy will make their lives better, but we may still be forced to spend some time making the compiler do its work in parallel.

I wonder how long I can hold out.

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